About Us

The hallmark of 9 Wentworth Chambers is the progressive, professional and approachable way in which its barristers provide legal services of the highest quality.

Barristers in 9 Wentworth Chambers focus on how best to advance their client’s interests.

9 Wentworth Chambers is comprised of 34 barristers, including six Senior Counsel. Members of chambers act as advocates, advisers, mediators, arbitrators and expert determiners.

Barristers accept briefs from solicitors and directly from in-house legal counsel.

Members of chambers practice throughout Australia and internationally in a wide range of areas and appear in courts, tribunals, commissions of inquiry, and international arbitrations. They are regularly retained for their technical expertise, sound knowledge of the law, strategic advice and independent judgment.

9 Wentworth Chambers also recognises the importance of alternative dispute resolution, particularly mediation, to our legal system. Barristers in 9 Wentworth Chambers are accredited mediators under the National Mediation Accreditation Scheme, accredited as advanced mediators by LEADR/IAMA and accredited internationally by the International Mediation Institute.

Members are also expert determiners and arbitrators with experience in both domestic and international arbitrations.

The Clerk of 9 Wentworth Chambers is available to assist anyone seeking to brief Counsel or make an enquiry about barristers’ expertise, availability or rates.

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