Richard Lee

Admitted to the Bar 2010

Richard has developed a practice providing representation and advice to multiple government departments and non-government organisations in a broad range of areas.

Richard provides services in relation to negligence claims (including personal injury) and intentional torts such as malicious prosecution, false imprisonment and trespass to person; claims of public interest immunity; and review of administrative decisions in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Prior to being called to the Bar, Richard worked as a solicitor in, inter alia, the NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office and the NSW Police Force. Whilst working at the NSW Police Force, Richard worked on, inter alia, Special Commissions and Coronial Inquests, and also as a Principal Advisor in the Office of the Commissioner. At the Crown Solicitor’s Office Richard had the day-to-day carriage of matters involving claims of, inter alia, intentional torts and negligence claims (including personal injury claims).

Richard also provides services on a pro bono basis to non-government agencies for worthy causes.

List of cases:

  1. Patricia Fernando v State of New South Wales (unreported, Nielson DCJ, 11 August 2017)
  2. Marc Lewis v State of New South Wales (unreported, Maiden DCJ, 7 March 2019)
  3. Lindt Café Siege Inquest
  4. Clarke v State of New South Wales (No 5) [2016] NSWSC 28
  5. Clarke v State of New South Wales [2015] NSWCA 27
  6. Lederthoug v McMurray (unreported, Magistrate Bradd, 10 July 2015)
  7. Clarke v State of New South Wales (No. 4) [2015] NSWSC 1054
  8. Kazas-Rogaris v Gaddam [2014] NSWSC 1465
  9. Clarke v State of New South Wales (No. 3) [2014] NSWSC 593
  10. Clarke v State of New South Wales (No. 2) [2014] NSWSC 578
  11. Gaddam v Kazas-Rogaris (unreported, Magistrate Skinner, 26 March 2014).
  12. Clarke v State of New South Wales [2013]

Richard Lee

Delivery Address: Level 6, 99 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 2000

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