Mary Walker has been at the forefront of ADR in Australia for the last 29 years. During this period, as a member of an independent Bar, Mary has arbitrated, mediated, negotiated, facilitated multi- party, environmental and community disputes, designed dispute resolution systems and provided expert appraisal and ombudsman services in respect to thousands of disputes referred by solicitors, industry and government bodies and corporations both domestic and international. Mary has mediated over 4,000 matters. Mary is a member of many mediation panels including the Supreme Court of NSW and the Singapore International Mediation Centre Panel and mediates for the Supreme Court of The Australian Capital Territory. In the first intake Mary was certified as an Investor State Mediator by CEDR, London in 2017. She is a member of the Supreme Court of New South Wales ADR Committee. Previously a member of the International Mediation Institute Standards Commission and currently a member of the International Mediation Institute Independent Standards Commission Quality Group amongst other bodies. Mary has also lectured and published extensively in ADR and mediation for example, she wrote the original Chapter in the Laws of Australia on Expert Determination and the ADR Chapter in the Bar Association of NSW, Centenary Essays, No Mere Mouthpiece. She was sponsored by Harvard University to teach mediation with Professor Frank Sander in 1995. Appointed a Distinguished Practitioner in Residence at Bond University in 2007, a lecturer in Commercial Mediation in the Masters of Law Degree at the University of Sydney (2009), in Mass Torts and Dispute System Design at Stanford University in the United States (2012) and lectured in dispute resolution as a member of the Law Faculty of the University of Technology (2014-2015) and has been a guest lecturer in ADR at many universities for example, Mary was a guest lecturer in the Mediation of Multi-party, Complex and Cross Border Disputes at Tilburg University in The Netherlands (2017). Mary is currently Chair of the College of Law Dispute Resolution Academic Advisory Committee (2015-2019). Mary was invited by The Hague Institute for Global Justice to join an expert meeting on resolving complex disputes, cross border disputes and the case management of mass disputes (November 2012). Mary was previously Chair of the Law Council of Australia (LCA) Expert Standing Committee on ADR (2004 – 2013), Chair of the LCA International Law Section (ILS) ADR Committee (2013-2016) and is currently Chair of the LCA Federal Litigation and Dispute Resolution Section ADR Committee (2013-2019), Co-Chair of the LCA ILS International Arbitration Committee (2016 -2019) and a member of the LCA ILS Executive (2017-2019). Mary is a member of the NSW Bar Council (2011-2019) and a recipient of an Australian Women Leadership Scholarship (2015), a Fellow of The Women’s College University of Sydney (2017) and was awarded The Women’s College University of Sydney Alumnae Award in 2018. Mary is internationally accredited as a Mediator and Mediator Advocate by the International Mediation Institute. Mary was awarded the Inaugural Australian Mediator of the Year Award in 2016 by the Australian Disputes Centre, again awarded Mediator of the Year in 2017 and 2018 and was also awarded International Mediator of the Year in 2018. Mary and was a Finalist in the categories of ADR Practitioner of the Year 2017, ADR Practitioner of the Year 2018 and International ADR Practitioner 2018. Mary is noted in the Inaugural Doyles Mediator List as a Leading Mediator 2018. Mary is an NBN Panel Arbitrator approved by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). Mary is a Fellow of the Australian Dispute Resolution Association, awarded 2017. Mary is currently Co-President of The Australian Dispute Resolution Association with Professor Laurence Boulle (2018-2019), Co-Vice Chair of The International Bar Association Mediation Committee with Mr Karim Jarim Nassif (2018) and Senior Vice Chair of The International Bar Association Mediation Committee (2019). 


Mary Walker
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